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Jacuzzi Launches Smart Hot Tubs in 6 Months With Particle

"Particle’s x-factor was their team’s ability to quickly understand our business and be an active participant in driving our strategy and technical implementation."

Larry Ovalle, Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth at Jacuzzi

Achieve rapid time to market

Accelerate your time to market as you inherit Particle’s fully certified and field ready edge-to-cloud platform, avoiding the need to stitch together a frankenstein solution.

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Avoid security gaps and protect your deployment

Leverage Particle’s open source and end-to-end encrypted platform for out-of-the-box security and industry leading intelligent OTA capabilities for securing your deployment in the field.

Physical security

Every Particle Device uses an encrypted connection to the Particle Device Cloud, authenticated with public key infrastructure eliminating the need for local passwords or open ports.

Internal security

If it moves in our environment, we make sure you know about it. We do this through an open event logging framework that allows you and your team to get an instant overview of how a given device is operating.

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Deploy thousands of devices with relative ease with Particle’s fully managed edge-to-cloud platform, as you get access to a team of world class engineers supporting and maintaining the Particle infrastructure.

Particle cloud and devices

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